One thought on “That Time of Year

  1. Hello Sheri and friends, I won’t be sending out a lot of cards this year, but thank you for remembering me. I know you all are staying busy, but I appreciate you taking time to send a card my way!! I would love to have a visit with you 3 again one day in the future. I have had a very tumultuous year in many ways. Many wonderful events, but also many deaths in the family and also friends that I have known for many years. That is one thing about having friends that go back to my childhood. So fortunate to have these people in my life after 50 or 60 years, but now that we are aged, many are suffering from illnesses and now some have passed. I am blessed as most of them knew the Lord. My nephew age 19 and my cousin age 45….nephew from being hit and killed on his motorcycle a few yards from his driveway, and my cousin from cancer, which he dealt with for about 5 years. It seemed each time I traveled for a reunion with friend or family, the next trip, or during one of the trips, there would be a death. Unexpected one of a 40 year old man, and I have known his parents since I was a teen. He passed away suddenly from a heart attack when I was visiting with my sister in NY, so I was able to help with a funeral luncheon at the church I attended years ago. This church has done many funeral lunches for my family members over the years, so I had an opportunity to give back and serve another. I have been to AZ three times since last September, been to NY, PA, and traveled east for two weeks, as far as CT, stopping along the way to visit the families who had lost loved ones….my niece and her husband the most difficult after losing their son. I was able to be there with the family for my nephew’s funeral in July and there was almost 300 people in the church where it was held. A short life but a great testimony. I was so thankful I was able to stream Bro. Green’s service as even though Ted said I could go, I didn’t feel led to at the time, and I had been on the road for so many trips prior to that. I think I will be home for a while!! Almost don’t know how to handle not having a trip in the planning stages as it seems that is always a given. But rest is good!! I will be getting off the computer for the month of January and taking a home vacation. We have a finished attic and I told Ted I will go up to the attic, no computer and limit the phone calls….being on the road so much, and the emotional highs and lows, sure didn’t keep on track with spending time with the Lord …. and if we don’t fill up our spiritual tanks, we have little to give out to others. I heard that Sis Golden had passed away and we didn’t know until after her service. I felt badly I didn’t get to see the family. She was such a precious sister, always kind and caring, and I loved hearing Bro.Golden and the girls sing years back when the first church started up in Lima at the Y in downtown…Ned McKinney was the pastor, and the Goldens, Browns, the Martins and several others were the fist congregation. I spent many weekends having fellowship with those saints. I will get in touch with Becky soon. The Lord bless you Sherri. It’s so good to see your art work. It always encourages me. I have purchased new brushes, some just recently, and have a wonderful new easel, and cleared a place in the attic for my painting, and for my little granddaughter to paint with me. She is so active and a short attention span, but give her a paint brush and she doesn’t seem to tire or want to quit. Hoping that shows she’ll have a real interest in the art as she grows. She’ll be 5 in Feb. Pass my greetings on to the others. I pray you are all staying strong in the Lord and rejoicing in the wonderful knowledge of His love and daily care over us! Truly He is a mighty and an awesome God and aware of ALL our needs. May you have a blessed holiday season making memories with family and friend and growing closer to the Lord Jesus. In His love because of His grace. Sis Alethea

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