Fabric Swatch

Recreate a fabric swatch in Adobe Photoshop, was the instruction.  No geometric shapes or plaids.

I think I sprained something in my brain on this one…and it hurt!  Very labor intensive even after I figured out some short cuts. 

The top is my version and the bottom is a piece of the fabric.  When I pasted it onto the black matte board, it darkened the fabric, so that was disgusting.

However the teacher loved it, so I did good on this one. (Got 100% and she requested to place it on the wall outside of the classroom for the next quarter.) This is a crazy class for me…I can nail some projects and get a C on other projects.  Crazy! I am just hoping to pull a B out of the class. 


Morphed image

I am finally catching up with my postings and am able to write this after turning this project in today.

Adobe Photoshop Project 2 was actually fun!


  • Make a morphed image of two words:  Eye/Storm

My Response:

  • It seemed too boring to just put an eye in a storm or a storm in an eye…although that would have satisfied the criteria just fine
  • I went more for a Native American feel to it by morphing an intense wolf with a cyclone


Original wolf photo







Original cyclone photo

Morphed image – the eyes in the storm…

jpeg web


  • Show less of the fur
  • Instructor thought I would have made a better morph if I had really kept it just to the eye

Adobe Collage “Song of Me”

My Adobe Photoshop class has been the most challenging.  There is a lot to learn with this one and when it came time to create our first project on the 5th week, I just could not seem to make it work. Something (as in everything!) was just not sticking!  (These are the moments that I really wonder if I can do it, so this became an “emotional thing” for me.  My poor roomies…they are so sweet about it!)

I sent out a plea to my Facebook friends and one suggested a wonderful book by Scott Kelby.  We ordered it and it came Sat. morning.  Within a few minutes of reading it, he had made me laugh and all the stress melted away. He somehow made it so easy and even fun!  (But don’t get any ideas…this “fun” does not translate over to school! My brain hurts on Wed. evenings after 4 hours of class time!)

It was a lot of work…I read many chapters of that book over the weekend as I was learning how to do at home what I was supposed to be learning in class. The wonderful thing was that I learned, retained, felt good about it, and relaxed!

I could not make it do exactly what I wanted, but the criteria of the assignment was met, and that is what was important.


  • A collage depicting our life
  • A song (title or lyrics) that goes along with the collage
  • Name must be in it (and a whole bunch of techy stuff)

My Response:

Pieces of a song that a friend says reminds her of me…

  • Background of myself on Islamorada Key drawing
  • Images to show the dreams I have caught at different points in my life
  • Some of my nieces and nephews, my church, etc. to show what is important
  • Lower right are 3 black and whites of people I have loved dearly and lost (Grandma, Dad, and Phyllis Brogden – a friend and mentor)


  • Maybe increase the font size in the center
  • This got an A
Song of Me

Song of Me