Pick a Favorite Band

Web Scripting class wound itself up to a final project web site and before it was over, I was asking myself “what was I thinking?”  I was a mess and was really questioning my choice of degree program.  That is how bad this quarter was for me.

Constraints:  A favorite band, 3 columns on the home page, 5 specific pages.

I chose a band that would be different from what is usually seen in the classrooms, yet would still provide content.  The Cockman Family – Gospel Bluegrass fit my own criteria nicely.

There was more time spent on meeting the course rubric than on the physical design, but the “feel” I wanted to portray is “wholesome, family, folksy”.  I am including 2 images here:

The teacher felt I could have done a better job creatively and I was dinged for that… jolly fine!  I was just happy that I finally understood what I was doing.  Burnout had set in.  This class had been the most stressful of my entire life, partly because of allergy issues.  It ended up being my first ever B+ because I missed 2 classes due to allergies, which dropped my A- below the tipping point.  Those participation points really do make a difference!

It’s an E-Card!

Web Scripting… thought it would be easy.  Suprise! 

While I was using Dreamweaver every day for my work with Harrison College, I was not designing in it or really using the software for much more than a place to hold my code.  This class seemed to be more about Dreamweaver than learning what the code was meant to do, etc.  It messed with my head for the whole quarter until I decided to quit using the software and just code!

Midterm project was an e-card.  Since I like to apply classwork to my life, I designed a reminder for my family reunion which was scheduled for the Sat. after quarter end.  We had to meet specific criteria, which drives some of the design choices such as number of photos, number of links, and the grid.