Pick a Favorite Band

Web Scripting class wound itself up to a final project web site and before it was over, I was asking myself “what was I thinking?”  I was a mess and was really questioning my choice of degree program.  That is how bad this quarter was for me.

Constraints:  A favorite band, 3 columns on the home page, 5 specific pages.

I chose a band that would be different from what is usually seen in the classrooms, yet would still provide content.  The Cockman Family – Gospel Bluegrass fit my own criteria nicely.

There was more time spent on meeting the course rubric than on the physical design, but the “feel” I wanted to portray is “wholesome, family, folksy”.  I am including 2 images here:

The teacher felt I could have done a better job creatively and I was dinged for that… jolly fine!  I was just happy that I finally understood what I was doing.  Burnout had set in.  This class had been the most stressful of my entire life, partly because of allergy issues.  It ended up being my first ever B+ because I missed 2 classes due to allergies, which dropped my A- below the tipping point.  Those participation points really do make a difference!

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