Play…just play…

Those were the words my design teacher said to me when I commented that I was having difficulty with this project.  Funny enough, that is a big reason why I chose an art school… I had lost the “play” in my art, so he hit the nail smack on the head!  It sent little shockwaves through my creative spirit and this is becoming my mantra…play…just play!


  • Take a photo with distinct repeatable lines and photocopy it
  • Stretch the copy one direction per instructions
  • In class, chop these copies up and use the resulting pieces to create a new and interesting image

My Response:

  • Native American pottery has neat and fun images


 When I began chopping and arranging (remember there were 7 large photos of this image that had been stretched) the following began to appear


The final product was completed in week 9 when we took that pattern and replicated it on marker paper in a specific ratio of a grey scale using markers.  I was not so impressed with the whole process, so that probably means I missed the point.

Do you think there is hope that I can learn to play with my art again?

One thought on “Play…just play…

  1. Wow … amazing! You are NOT going to have any trouble finding the “play” in your creative spirit again!! Looking forward to seeing the finished project in week 9. Also, nice to see your love for Native American pottery showing up again … have FUN!

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