A good description of my art over the past several decades would be 2 dimensional.  So when the Design instructor informed us that he wanted a 3D project made out of wire, it was a bit intimidating. 

That afternoon after class I sat on the back deck with all the proper tools around me (don’t forget the ipod! you need that when being creative) and it felt like a very blank space in front of me.  A blank 3D space. 


After wrestling with the wire and nearly poking my eye out, the project was shelved for the weekend while my head worked on various options. 

For some reason, the idea to take the wire to my Mom’s after church on Sunday took hold.  There is something very inspiring about having the kids around me when I am creating… so I packed up my tools and supplies (with the added item of safety glasses!) and Sunday afternoon I sat there with an audience as I created my little nephew at his fishing pond. 







[A pre-drawing gave me an idea of what shapes I needed to create. The kids were fascinated with it as they tried to work out in their little heads how such a funny drawing could mean anything!]

  The kids LOVED it! My siblings laughed at my glasses (but after watching my dangerous shenanigans with the wire they agreed it was a good idea for me to wear them.) My Mom said that at least my audience (the kids) were able to visualize my concept.  <g> 

He was really hard to grasp until I finally put the pole in his hands and stablized him. (Notice the fish on the end of the line?)

In class, the final part of the project was to draw our wire structure.  Ha…THAT drawing will not be included here!!!  It looks like a bunch of scribbles when put on paper!  Final resting place of this little guy will be on a shelf in my nephew, Nathanael’s, room despite protestations of his mother.


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