Remember that Drawing class I think is so boring? It got a little more interesting this week when the teacher introduced the technical aspects of drawing ellipses.  Who knew?  Or rather… I really don’t recall ever learning about this but I bet I did…surely!  I got to use my new compass.  Woo hoo…


These things are NOT easy.  And technical drawing is not fun for a fine arts artist.  And another thought… why didn’t they teach us in high school that math and geometry was going to be important for an artist throughout their life?  I totally skipped geometry thinking I would never use it.  How crazy is that?

Oh…I got a B on these because I messed up one of the elipses…ha!  Told you they were not easy!  If you look at the “cup”, the bottom elipse is not in the same perspective as the top.   Some other students had the same thing happen…we follow the instructions and still miss the boat.

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