Drawing – Marco Island

8 days on vacation during a college quarter can do weird things to your pleasure trip.  I spent a lot of time doing homework.  The odd part of that was, it was mostly my drawing homework and we were off for Labor Day for that class.  I should not have had so much to do for it.  But I did.


  • 3 point perspective building
  • Extra Credit (2 point perspective)

3 point perspective: Our condo building with reduced detail.

Teacher loved this one and really felt I nailed it. I told her (this was at the in class critique) that I kept hearing her voice in my head “Make it darker, I want to see dark!” and “Adding that is too distracting” (so I removed some tiki huts etc.)  The class laughed and she said “Oh no… I am in your head!”  But I guess it worked because this was an A+.



Extra credit: On the veranda by the pool.

I got full credit for this one (which is good since I forgot to bring in part of my assignment for this week) and the teacher requested permission to place this on the wall outside the classroom for the next quarter.  Of course I accepted!  That is an honor.

Here are my two locations for doing this work… I love this “studio!!!” Can I have one (or both?!!!)



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