Organizing and enjoying the first break!!!


My first break was so wonderful I just HAD to write about it!  Fri. night Lainey took us out to celebrate my straight A completion of 1st quarter.  (I have set the bar pretty high!)  We were also celebrating a late birthday meal for Charlotte since she was way busy over her birthday week. 


We had the place to ourselves for an hour and a half, which is unheard of at the famous Glass Chimney.  This is happening a lot around here these days.

Then Sat. Lainey took me out and picked out a new drawing table from Prizm Art Store.  Wowee!!! Mom declares that it is out of desperation to have the kitchen island back (with winter coming on, that would be my main workspace!)


So this break was about getting my working area put together to accommodate my art classes.  It has been all set up for quilting for a couple of years, but I am selling as much of my fabric as I can get rid of to make room for this and I also got rid of some of the fabric shelving.  I even changed over the quilt cutting table to also house my new mat cutter. 

I LOVE getting things organized and making life more efficient so this was wonderful!

It was a GREAT week “off” and the topper was taking my niece, Samantha, and heading to Ohio over the weekend to see my newest niece, Kara.  One month after her birth, but oh how much fun just to hold her!!! And so much fun having my first road trip with 7 year old Samantha! Bonding time like crazy.


It was a great break!

2 thoughts on “Organizing and enjoying the first break!!!

  1. That drafting table is amazing looking! And of course, I have to say the same thing about your niece. Does she make 19?

    My week off was good too, mostly because I got to play lots of music. My violin is like a jealous lover when school’s in session. 😉

  2. Hey Rachel! This niece is the one who brought the total to 18.

    I understand the “jealous lover” comment! For me it is the gifting projects I have. I am making heritage gifts for each niece and nephew and I am so behind since they are coming so fast (15 in 7 years). It is such a pleasure to me to make those gifts (toy boxes, rocking horses, rocking chairs, a quilt, etc.) and it tugs on me while I am in classes. However, in this case I can push it aside and tell myself that I will do better work once I am done with this degree! The pull is sometimes painful though.

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