Week One of the Fall Quarter

I am not sure what it is about starting a new quarter, but it gives me a nervous stomach! However, I was doing 2 new things this time… an online class on html and tutoring (work study!)

I thought…ooohhh…I can get a head start with this online class, so I spent about 4 hours on Friday (of my week off) and then some on Sat. and then again on Monday. On Monday I began working on my first homework due on Tues. when I began to realize I was in way over my head. (By then I was freaking out a bit!) With a little more investigation, calling my teacher (who seemed to think we were fine), and finding one little line that said I need a prerequisite, I winged off a panic filled email to my student advisor.

Tuesday I was at the school all day and dear Heather caught up with me… she did her own investigation and quickly enrolled me in the right course. However…that meant I had to catch up on everything that night so I could hit that evening’s deadline for the new class!

At that point I knew I was chasing a train for the week. 

On Wed. I began tutoring (teachers assistant) in the computer class (Microsoft Office) for 4 hours. Then in the evening I am in the student affairs office for 2 hours for one-on-one tutoring as needed by the students and monitoring the front desk as a pseudo receptionist when not tutoring.  After the first 2 weeks I began to realize this is a great way to get my face known around campus, if that had been my goal (it was not but it won’t hurt anything.)

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