My Puddy Tat…

1st project for Design Concepts was a 9 panel of an organic object. I chose my Tacey because I can not do anything easy! I need to break that propensity! However, I get nervous about drawing cats and feel I can not do it, so I thought it would be a good stretch.

First…collect photo references of your topic. Ha!  The trouble was to narrow it down!  Here are a very few of them…

Tacey Photo Reference Panel 1

Tacey Photo Reference Panel 1

Tacey Photo Reference Panel 2

Tacey Photo Reference Panel 2

(Isn’t she purdy?)

In our Process Binder we had to include exercises that we were assigned and preliminary thumbnail sketches.  (This one is my favorite because this is a whole new style of sketching for me.  I think I could get better at it and really enjoy it!)

Tacey whoopin' on Toby our pup

Tacey whoopin' on Toby our pup

The final product had to use 9 different styles from our exercises, including a photo from our photo references.  I chose to use about 3 styles that I had never done before (can you tell which ones those are?)  My favorite blocks are:

  • my large photo
  • the upper left pastel picture
  • the outline in the blue block at the top 

My design concept was to showcase her catly (is that a word?) form, while highlighting the blue of her eyes. 

I was right, it was a stretch, and it was loads of fun!!! I will let you judge on the outcome (however, I did get an A and the teacher kept it to put on the wall next quarter.  Oh, and the instructor called it “powerful”, which really suprised me.  “Serene” was more the word I was thinking. Except for the one wild cat picture, that is.)


Oh…here is the photo reference for that favorite sketch of mine:


Toby was getting his nose wacked…again.

3 thoughts on “My Puddy Tat…

  1. Thanks for sharing the picture of Tacey about to whack Toby! It is clear you caught the “theme” of her with the artwork!


  2. I love when Beth uses the word powerful. But I rather agree with you in this case. She really likes dogs, I don’t know about cats…

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