Process Binder…

Now here is the class that is really going to challenge me this quarter: Design Concepts!

Beth Remsburg is our teacher. I followed her into class on Tues. morning thinking she was one of the students in the class, which I found very amusing when she stepped behind the desk and began addressing us. Her background is fascinating.  She was an elementary special education teacher, then went back to college to get a degree in graphic design.  She worked that for years and loved it and is now teaching older students graphic design techniques. 

This class is going to be all about discovering our own personal process for creating and how to break out of “dead” zones.

Process binder front cover

Process binder front cover

The first thing we had to do was create a process binder where we detail out everything we do for the next 11 weeks. That alone takes time because I decided I did not want my original sketches, photos, etc. in it, so everything has to be scanned.  I also put most things in plastic sleeves.  It will be a nice piece of work in itself by the end of the year!

As we go through this quarter we will be trying out various processes in order to find what works for us and to give us tools for breaking through those times when we are not feeling any inspiration.  As Beth said, we must if we plan to make a living at this!  You don’t get paid to wait for inspiration.

First week we included photos of our creative space(s) and also examples from our sketchbook (we ARE in an art school so it was expected that we have one of those) …

Florida-one of my favorite sketching spots

Florida-one of my favorite sketching spots

Thumbnails of dogs while at an agility training class

Thumbnails of dogs while at an agility training class

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