Genesis 1:4 – God Seperated the Light from Dark

Georgia O’Keeffe I am not… but I preferred copying some of her ideas as opposed to Picasso! 

Assignment:  We were given a list of artists to pick from.  Then we were to take one of their paintings and photo copy it in black and white.  From that point, we were to take the anachromatic forms and give it life using 1 color (a hue and its tint, tone, and shade) to paint half the piece.  Any half we desired.  The other half was to be done greyscale.

My hue was a tertiary color: orange-yellow.  It almost looks green when black is added to it and I liked that.

Remember, I don’t do acrylics, but this quarter I just have to suck it up and do it.  But here is the really funny part…this has gotten rave reviews!  Charlotte claimed it for her own, the teacher requested to display it next quarter, and even my very country sister-in-law, Annie, likes it!!! 

When I was done, Charlotte thought it looked like the point in Genesis when God seperated the light from the dark.  I liked that.  Don’t you think that the first verses of Genesis were probably quite a tremendous and chaotic time in the earth’s history?

Maybe I missed my calling by sticking with realism and oils or watercolors!

Gen. 1:4 - ...and God seperated the light from the darkness

Gen. 1:4 - ...and God seperated the light from the darkness

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