Credentials of a Color Theory Teacher

Anne Nickolson is my Color Theory teacher.

She never talks much about paints so one day after class I asked her, “What is your medium?” and she answered “Textiles” and sent me her web site.

I was absolutely blown away.  She is a quilter of great magnitude and has shown in 12 countries!!!  She is also extremely shy or quiet or something because she won’t talk about her work.  Check out the Commissions section!!!  Open the Tree of Life (located at Methodist Hospital).

And I know she has more than this…this is just a single body of work she collected into one website.  Makes for a gorgeous site!  I would like to sit down and talk with her… but she just is not a talker.  Funny for a teacher, eh?  I pay money to get a chance to go see the work of quilters of her calibre, but have never talked to any… and here she is my teacher!!!  But won’t talk!

How frustrating is that?!  Very!

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