Family Time!!!

Our family gathered the first week of November so I ditched some of the homework requirements (such as posting for my online class) to meet up with them on Monday and again on Sat. 

The TN family came up for the full week (it is hunting season), then half the week the Ohio Yeske’s came over.  For the weekend the Garvins from PA joined us.

Monday night we had a noisy and rambunctious Thanksgiving meal.  On Sat. we celebrated Mom’s birthday and the guys hit her farm/household To Do list and cleaned the place up nicely! 

I took lots of photos and held the babies.  Even with 5 of them in their 2-year-old “testing Mommy” stage, we had a real pleasurable time of it.  I so appreciate my family and the grace God has extended to us with healthy kids and the fact that my siblings and their spouses enjoy spending time visiting and work on projects with each other.  I am learning what a rarity that is the more I talk with the students at school.

Me and just a few of the kids.

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