Another Logo

Another logo?!  Only this one was done in acrylics and let me tell you, it was a pain!  I can not get Liquitex acrylics to behave.  You know… stay in the lines, cover the paper consistently, etc.

This is a simple logo of the 4 personality trait symbols: circle, square, triangle, and squiggle.  From the color wheel we had to pick and use triad colors:

triad colors

I was just attempting to get the project done in order to spend time with the family, so this is really uninspired.  It does contain all the personality trait symbols though: Circle/Square/Squiggle/ and me… a triangle!

Still got a 100% on it because I met the criteria.  Not happy about the watercolor paper/acrylic paints execution!  Ugh! 


Uninspired logo

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