USPS Stamps – Looking for Snowbabies

Project:  create a USPS stamp book in Adobe Illustrator.

This was a very fun project in Illustrator since I have a long standing love affair with the postal service and letter writing.  Those of you who have known me for years were probably on my long running newsletter mailing (which I closed down when I started college.)  The stamps on my envelopes were as much a part of the monthly communication as the letter itself, often chosen to celebrate the time of year.  In other words, stamps are way cool!  (And I really miss mailing that letter!)

This time I decided to get feedback from buddies on Facebook.  One is a graphic artist and also works at the post office… how neat is that?  With coaching on colors and fonts, the final product came out really fun!  And finally… I got a 100% on the project! Yes!

I call it… “Looking for Snowbabies”.

Looking for Snowbabies


The graphic artist for told me that my peeping snowmen inspired her holiday design for the site (how cool is that?):

3 thoughts on “USPS Stamps – Looking for Snowbabies

  1. I love your snowmen! And it is great that we can inspire each other and provide a sounding board for our designs. Bill chose the snowman design out of three that I designed, so you inspire him, too!

    • You are so sweet, Christy! Maybe I am not designing for huge websites, but I can live vicariously through your work! I love it that my beginners attempts at graphic design are meeting up with postive responses!

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