Marketing – My Passionate Project

Suprisingly, I am truly enjoying my online marketing course!  We could choose any company to work with for 6 weeks and I chose Compassion International because I was curious about it.  Amidst all the research and statistics, I have found a topic that has sparked my passion.

Over 1 million children are being sponsored

The first week of the quarter, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake, so Compassion International has been all over the Christian radio for weeks on end. 

The Compassion website is featuring the needs in Haiti

Compassion has been serving Haiti for over 40 years and were working with 65,000 children in that country prior to the quake.  As of this writing, they are missing a large chunk of those kids and working to find them.  A heartrending situation yet filled with wonderful testimonies of God’s Grace.  What is positive for this organization is that they already have many contacts via the local churches and organizations they work with, so they have been able to bring in support more efficiently than most organizations that are trying to help.

I also read the autobiography by Wess Stafford, “Too Small to Ignore” and it has impacted my life in ways I will probably not be able to fully appreciate until I can look back over the span of years.  It is up there on my list of the most important books I have ever read.

To add to the immersion in this organization, I am using it in my Career Development class by collecting job opportunities as my homework each week.  In addition, my first project for the Script Writing course was to write 3 thirty second tv advertising spots on one product by week 4.  I did all 3 spotlighting Compassion in Haiti and making a call for donations.  The teacher was quite complementary and said he had nothing to suggest changing.  I think they came across so well because of how deeply I am getting to know and care about the “product”, thus it allowed me to write well.

Needless to say, I have fallen in love with this particular organization. 

On Feb. 2, Wess Stafford, the President of Compassion, spoke for 30 minutes at Moody’s Founders Week event.  The speech is well worth hearing!  If you have any feeling for children in poverty, this will give you hope and possibly help you understand a bit of why I have become so passionate about my marketing project.

Click on the Audio link

4 thoughts on “Marketing – My Passionate Project

    • It actually is but I will add it specifically … One Year Without is a blog about someone who is going one year without caffiene and chocolate and seeking people to support Compassion through her actions. I did that and this is when I first became interested in the organization. However, I did not research much until now.

  1. Have some idea. Not only a brother who was born there, but still has family there. Plus a cousin ( a D.O. ) who spent couple of weeks there doing medical service with his wife (a R.N.) and their three children working with others their age helping as they could for several weeks a year.

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