Introduction to Type

My Thursday afternoon class is Typography.  Not difficult, but definately time consuming.

The first project was to design the front cover on our binder using only one font type.  The writing is all the requirements.  The design was up to us.  I was so intent on the design that I messed up the oblong of body type, which I should know better!  I was not paying attention… hmmm… right brain (design) / left brain (technical).  One of the things I often forget is the need to use both sides of the brain!

The second project was to create the face of a famous person using a single font.  I was bored and feeling a bit down, so decided to reach into my childhood and do a cartoon character (that was allowed.)  It was fun.

Mr. Magoo in Matura font (can you see the letters that make up the various parts?  I used some straight lines and parenthesis on some of the long or curved lines, but otherwise tried to stay true to the font face.  The eye is an N, for example, the nose a C, the chin a G, the collar Ds, fingers Ms… etc.)

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