Early Christian Art – The Pagan Influence

The Good Shepherd slide

My Powerpoint tour for this week covers the first 5 centuries after Christ.  The only problem with Art History online is that we have to read a lot and assimilate the information for thousands of years in the span of 5 weeks.   This whirlwind schedule makes it harder to create a guided tour of the years we are covering each week!

This particular study was as fascinating as the Egyptian tour last week, but there was not enough time to delve deep into it.  I love history!  We get to choose our own topics.  The premise for this week’s tour is to look at how ancient mythology and cultural beliefs impacted early Christian art.  The term for that blending is “syncretism”.

You can access the full tour through the link below:


I usually tell you when a teacher gives me feedback for correcting things; however, can I put the teacher’s response in here without sounding “full of it”?  This was the most gracious feedback I think I have ever received on something I have worked hard on.  It was a thrill to read it and made the hours of research worth it!  I am humbled because I did not think it was quite that good (it was such a rush job) but I loved his appreciation!

“AWESOME WORK!  This is one of the most original tours I’ve ever gotten, and using the theme of the pagan influences on Early Christian art is simply brilliant.  What a fantastic exploration of the syncretism occurring in this early period of Christian art!  Thoroughly enjoyable read.”  Jeremy Hockett, Instructor, The Art Institute

Thank you, Mr. Hockett!!!

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