A Nun in Medieval Times?

We had to write up what a typical day would be like for us in the Medieval times.  All the women were writing about typical farm life and I wanted to do something different (of course!)  When I got to thinking about it, I really doubted that I would be a typical farmer’s wife.  Sooo… what do you think???  Plausible?  How well do you know me?  <big grin>

If I were living in the medieval timeframe, I would probably have been a nun.  While I am not Catholic, back then that was the religion of choice (or no choice) and knowing my early desire to work in charitable organizations and my intense spiritual interest since the age of 7, it is the most logical step at that time period.

So as a nun, my daily life would consist of a very structured regimen, which would have felt safe in a time when life could have been a bit scary.  There would be scheduled prayers, meditation, reading, and daily chores.  I would have taken the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, so that tells you something of what would be missing from my life.  However, I would not have to worry about food and clothing or a roof over my head.

This would also offer me a possibility of an education, of which I would take full advantage.  (Especially if I had the chance to turn around and teach others.) 

In the quiet times, I would have worked the loom and embroidery.  It is possible that some of my chores would have been devoted to illuminating manuscripts because of my natural love of painting and communicating creatively.  I would also have been fascinated with wine making.  Knowing my personality, I would have had my hand in every aspect of the convent activities and by the age of 40, may have been an abbess.

My friends, on the other hand, feel like I would have been kicked out of the convent very quickly because of my propensity to question everything.  So maybe I would have been a vagabond, traversing the roadways with a band of gypsies, living hand to mouth, but thoroughly enjoying myself.  The other theory, by said friends, is that I would have lived at the time of Martin Luther and would have turned my convent life into a turmoil by joining him in his stand against the established norm and urging others to do the same.  They are probably quite right, either way, it is doubtful I would have been bored, even back then.

Daily Life of a Nun in the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages Website. 12 March 2010. http://www.middle-ages.org.uk/daily-life-nun-middle-ages.htm

4 thoughts on “A Nun in Medieval Times?

  1. Yep! You would have made the Flying Nun look quite tame. At least the convent would know exactly why they did everything they did.

  2. Very interesting concept! A very depressed age, but I don’t go for the nun story. No doubt you would have made some beautiful tapestrys. Maybe an aide to Joan? Cheering her on in every way. I just wonder what people with your personality would have been like in that age!! Confined to a tower with your loom and sewing. Maybe saving oxen from cruel farmers? I am sure you would have been in the upper classes!!

    • Since my being in the upper class would mean you were also, I can see that.

      Joan of Arc is also probably a bit more realistic. She came at the end of Medieval times whereas Martin Luther was actually around during the Renaissance era.

      Either way, I often wonder what women like myself would have done during the more repressed eras. I think the Bible gives us an idea when speaking of the Proverbs 31 woman and we catch glimpses here and there throughout history.

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