Kids Again by Chris Rice

Video Final Music Video:

  • Tell a story using a song
  • Submit a Proposal
  • Create a Storyboard
  • Take lots of footage and put it together

Once again, Alex did a fantastic job on his half of the project and together I love the final product (of course!  It is my family!)  The “story” – we grown ups are too intense… just get out and play and be kids again.  This version has some sound in the background that was removed for the final, but this is the one I uploaded to YouTube.

They Paved Paradise!

Create a story without using words and only 60 seconds. 

Driving home the night we were assigned this video project I was thinking of how they are ripping out the beautiful tree line I had been driving through for over 15 years in the name of widening and “beautifying” the street. 

The line “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” came to mind and gave me the idea for a commentary on The Human Footprint.  Alex was cool with it and here is the result:

Video – A Commercial

Alex Overbeck and I teamed up for this project in which we were to create a tv commercial. 

I had the film (thanks to our Toby who can look pretty pitiful and Merry Farms Labrador Rescue) and Alex pulled the overwhelming amount of shots together into what I consider is a really nice tv commercial for the Indianapolis Humane Shelter!  He also found appropriate music. 

Yeah for teamwork!!!  My nerves calmed tremendously after this project was completed!  I won’t say I am having fun yet, but we are working our way that direction! 

What is neat is how Alex can see a shot I would consider a flop, place it in the right spot, slow it down a bit, and it works!!! That is evidenced in how he slowed Tag down and put writing over the top (the pup was running around like a ping pong ball, so I thought that was a lost shot.)

Intro to Video – My First Encounter

I almost feel I need to apologize for 6 weeks of silence!  Homework this quarter has been a killer; in addition, my job at Harrison college has been extended, so I have been busier than I expected.  So as a first post of the quarter, I will do my introduction video. 

My Intro to Video class was met with much trepidation.  I had heard “stories”!  On top of that, while still photography is an absolute thrill to me, taking video shots has never sparked the slightest interest.

One plus on my side is that Lainey uses video cameras at work and always owns the newest, latest, and greatest.  She happily let me borrow her brand new JVC that uploads directly to the computer and uses SD cards (as opposed to cumbersome tapes).  That is making this new experience much more pleasant than it would have been if I had needed to borrow the school’s cameras. 

These shots were taken on Mom’s farm and the pile of kids are a few of my beloved nieces and nephews.

First video – take some specific shots (long shot, close up, zoom, etc.) at 10 seconds each, put the clips in iMovie (software), manipulate, and save it for viewing. It was nerve wracking as a first project, but I got it done with only 1 point off for some shaky camera work on the zoom.

Note:  I have also learned how to use YouTube for more than just viewing other people’s videos!  This video is uploaded on YouTube and then linked into my blog.  I am moving into the IMD (interactive media) side of my degree this quarter.