Kids Again by Chris Rice

Video Final Music Video:

  • Tell a story using a song
  • Submit a Proposal
  • Create a Storyboard
  • Take lots of footage and put it together

Once again, Alex did a fantastic job on his half of the project and together I love the final product (of course!  It is my family!)  The “story” – we grown ups are too intense… just get out and play and be kids again.  This version has some sound in the background that was removed for the final, but this is the one I uploaded to YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Kids Again by Chris Rice

    • 1st baby is my brother Stephen’s

      Group of kids: tall boy and red head are John Byerly’s

      From that point:
      -2 little blond girls belong to Stephen
      -older girl and 2 boys belong to Beky
      -my sister Beky shows up a couple of times
      (bubbles / laying on grass / reading)
      -Ron is with the horse and hold Simeon’s hand at end

      In the conga line: front adult is my roommate Charlotte and end adult is my cousin Jennifer with a mix of kids in between.

      Baby being held up by my cousin is a Kolb (our pastor’s granddaughter but also my cousin, Brad Taylor’s granddaughter).

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