I love newsletters!

The second half of the quarter has started and my new online class (Electronic Design) is very interesting and interactive!  Our first project was to choose a company that we will work with for the next 5 weeks.  I chose Squangles, my children’s illustration / Charlotte’s poetry business. 

First project,  mock up a design of the newsletter using a grid style of your choice.

First the requisite thumbnails of various newsletter styles/grids (portrait only).  #11 was a popular vote from classmates, but I chose #15 because it was outside of my experience and thus, seemed more personally interesting. 

Then choose one and turn it into a mockup on Illustrator.  (I kept the mock up as black and white and just used a photo that was in my stash.)  I think this grid could challenge me a bit, so I chose it. 

This activity made me miss my newsletter… I want to get back to writing, designing, publishing it!!!

4 thoughts on “I love newsletters!

    • This was a mock-up… I am told that we will develop it for our “client” later on in the course. Since my client is children’s illustrations and poety, this will be fun to develop into color and photos etc.

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