IMD201 Web Authoring Final

The final project for my web class was to re-design the Art Institute’s site (I got a 295/300 on this! My menu jiggles and that docked me 5 points):

  • Use css (not tables)
  • create a Dreamweaver template and then use that for 6 pages (Home, About, News, Student Life, etc.)
  • sub pages must contain the same info as is on the site
  • links must work etc.
  • use Cufon to place a specialty font in the page titles

Home Page

One of the sub pages

Unfortunately my partner bailed on me and I finally figured out he wasn’t going to show (it was his job to supply some of the graphics as well as help code the sub pages after I created the template.) I coded this and created the graphics in one weekend.  Needless to say, I felt a certain sense of accomplishment over that!  Prior to going into the weekend, I was feeling quite shakey with my html capabilities, but this has given me a confidence that I would not have had if I were working with a solid partner.  (Not that I am thanking the kid, mind you!  Made for a wicked weekend! As well asI took a hit on some late online homework .)

That crunch means there are some things that are not fully “clean”, but all the requirements were met and even exceeded.   Below is a clickable version of the same seen above (for those who might be nerdy enough to care about the details!)

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