Creating a Hang Tag

This week in Electronic Design we were required to create a packaging design for our business.  Since Squangles is still very personalized, that was a challenge and the normal packaging (boxes, displays, etc.) was out of the picture.  However, I have presented my work at art fairs and charity auctions.  I also hand deliver the item to the buyer, who then turns around and gives it as a gift.

This was to be presented to the client on an 8.5 x 11 presentation board with various views.  I chose to stylize a rocking chair design to reflect the wooden furniture portion of Squangles and create a hinged gift tag.  Views include: front (closed), back (closed), and an inside (opened) with 2 ribbon options.

Since this is an online class, prework was submitted via a pdf file:  SquanglesW4

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