Mondays can turn on you!

This quarter, the first quarter of my new identity of Graphic Designer, started out slow… for about 4 hours.  Monday class was a pleasure just to walk into… there sat some of my favorite students with one of the top design teachers leading it.  I was planning to only take 2 ground classes and 2 online this quarter, so things were looking very easy and manageable.

However, after class Rachel and I bumped into Brad and Devon…then we 4 get to talking and decide we need to descend upon our teacher to get our assignments she still had from 2 quarters ago…and while in the teacher’s lounge, other teachers were popping in and out of our little chaotic group giving us old projects they had (these are often placed on the hallway walls for a quarter or more.)  Then lo and behold Jacob Dobson asked if I was in one of his Life Drawing classes (a class I dearly need but was waiting for him to teach.  I had been told he wasn’t teaching it.)

That is how things happen… fast and furious sometimes.  Next thing you know I have added another ground class onto Wed. and my schedule is crammed!  I dropped the online that would start in 6 weeks, but for the 1st 5.5 weeks it will feel like taking 5 classes.  Then it will ease up and only be the 3 ground courses.  But the initial workload through October is a bit staggering.

So… new schedule:

  1. Monday afternoon Corporate Communications (Beth is always a delight as a teacher, no matter the topic, and being the social person I am…there are some cool fellow students in there and that makes me happy.)
  2. Wednesday afternoon Life Drawing with a fantastic artist and instructor, Jacob Dopson.  Funny thing… Beth (see #1 above) is auditing the class!  That is very fun!
  3. Wednesday night is Design Layout (InDesign software and a fundamental design course.)
  4. Online 5.5 weeks – an advanced Photoshop class. 

The teachers this quarter are steller.  I will have to do a brag sheet on each of them and link to their  websites.  After the first Wed. night I came home with my head about to explode and the sure feeling that there is a lot to learn this quarter!  Now to apply myself! >>>back to homework…

From my favorite lolcats site…

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