Whoa… bad design… bad!

Sorry… just had to put this on here!  For the online classes students always give an introduction of themselves to be posted by Tuesday of that first week.  Tuesday came and I puttered around getting life taken care of when lo and behold I approach my normally simple first post only to realize the teacher also wanted us to illustrate it in Photoshop, demonstrating what we know. 

What I know? I avoid Photoshop like a plague from … well… where plagues come from!   In addition, a project and discussion question were both due on Wed. and I had just filled that day full of classes.  So basically… it was all due on Tuesday.

I am including the disaster to show the progress I make over the next 5 weeks, because it can only get better!!! Oh… this went along with text introducing myself. 

No critiques, please.  I know it is a bomb, but on the other hand, the teacher will hopefully feel fantastic about his teaching ability when my final project looks 200% better! (That was my purpose all along… I promise!)

One thought on “Whoa… bad design… bad!

  1. heehee… I love your master plan. (photoshop is really not evil… it’s wonderful. You’ll eventually come to love it. It IS challenging if you haven’t worked in it much, but there is SO much it can do.)

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