what is my name? you ask.

Design Layout Project #1

  • use the Adobe InDesign program
  • 1 photo of self
  • 100 words or more about self
  • masthead of your first/last name
  • 3 sizes… 8×8, 5×11, and your own choice for the 3rd using shape
  • mount them on black board with 1 inch boarder

I was tired of writing introductions of myself so I started thinking about it. Next thing you know the project took me over and became a typography exercise!  However, the poem that came out of me was what I fell in love with and then it was a matter of finding a photo that would work with the text. 

I tackled the 8×8 first (for reading ease, go to one of the larger examples further down):

 Then the 5×11

And then my favorite:  I chose a 4×16 in order to capture the words in a complimentary way (the poem sort of drove my design… making the project more difficult than it needed to be!)

2 thoughts on “what is my name? you ask.

  1. I like this project a lot, Sheri. I think my vote would be for the 8×8, although the 4×16 would be nice, too, when printed. I’m kind of a sucker for a square design for some reason 🙂

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