Branding – Noah Grant’s

Beth Remsburg gave us a fabulous first assignment for Corporate Communications! We had to find a business we had never been to before, visit, and analyze it.  I opted to recruit Lainey for this project because this is right up her alley. She chose a little oyster bar in Zionsville that we had never visited before called Noah Grant’s. We had a wonderful experience as a customer! We will be going back, no question about that!

The premise for their business comes from the owner’s experience as one of 5 kids growing up in this area.  She said they could never find a place to eat where everyone was happy.  So she has an oysterbar with 5 star food offerings, yet you can also get a burger and fries.  The prices are more reasonable for fresh fish and local Angus than if you went downtown.

As far as the branding, I think they could use a bit of help. It is pretty basic black and white, but they have a good thing going and I think they could pump it up a bit. They have a black chalboard wall in each room with writing and drawings on them. They place felt fun, friendly, and the food was to die for!

We had to put a presentation together for the class outlining different points about the brand. Here are 3 pages as an example:

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