3D Design – an enigma

Our 3D Design class was an enigma to me. I sort of understood what the teacher was getting at (or what he should have been getting at, which is environmental graphic design), but since he was an engineer and not a graphic designer, I felt more frustrated than anything. The focus was on the craftsmanship and the math. It really should have been on how to design the graphics for 3D spaces and the math should have centered around how to reduce our designs appropriately.

However, I did get that he wanted us to work with our hands after his irritated comment, “I am trying to teach you how to actually do something.”

And forget the math. It was not going to happen for me with all the migraines and pain going on (from my oral surgery.) Besides, that is what the internet and friends who work in the math world are for, anyway, right? (Shout-out to my brainy friend, Charlotte, on that one! She came to my rescue on one tricky calculation.)

It became an expensive expedition into one of the bigger non-learning events of my degree.

The first project was making cylinders and boxes with various materials and then painting them. I got an A… that is more of a puzzled comment than any sort of bragging.

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