Advanced Animation

My Advanced Animation class was a lesson in endurance. Don’t get me wrong. It was fun, if that is what you were wanting to pay several thousands of dollars for, but here again, this class had little to do with graphic design. It could have…but it didn’t. This ended up being about creating animations that “act”. We even took class time to play Guesstures and practice what acting was all about.

Yeah. We did that.

I did not have the energy within to try to extrapolate what I was supposed to be learning in Flash as a graphic designer, so I just did what it took and did not strain anything.

Practicing – I chose to do a guy falling asleep from boredom…

Practice animation

Project 1 – action and intention.

I took video of my nephews trying to grab at a tree as my reference. That was fun.

Project 1

Lipsync – we chose a clip provided by the teacher and did one person talking. We only needed a non-moving head since the lips are the important piece here.

Lip sync exercise

Midterm – lip sync and add body actions.

This clip was from Ghostbusters… the moment the Stay Puff guy was “imagined”, so I used him as my talking figure just to add some humor for my own delectation.

Ghost Busters animation

All of these could use more work on their drawings. Time was not my friend this quarter. In addition, these classes were on Friday and my initial and subsequent surgeries and dental visits fell on Thursdays. However, I was hitting the intended learning points and had a very high A at the half-way point.

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