Packaging – Tea Research and Logo

For the final in our Packaging class we were to choose a product and create a brand and packaging around it.

I was so crazy busy that I could not throw myself into it as I wished. My product choice was more a decision of what I had available for all the work it was going to encompass in the coming weeks. This particular class had a weekly final due date that landed on Tues., which was the same as my Illustration class that went 6-10 (after work), so I was late every week on the 4th deliverable. Very frustrating.

I chose to go with tea (because I have about 50+ different types of tea.) With all the research and photography we had to do of products, I knew I could not get to a store. This worked perfect.

First step was to perform research and document the findings. Thankfully, unlike most ground classes, we created a book, but did not have to print it due to the fast pace of the class.

Note: all but 3 photos are my own.

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The logo was based off of an idea for English tea and leaning on the concepts of history, longevity, and class. Research showed that tea is rich in history and wealth. Wars were fought over it (our own rebellion during the Boston Tea Party is only one instance.) In England, high tea is actually a meal and not confined to the upper class, but I liked the sound of it and went with it. In this case, my main priority was to get the project completed. We were doing each phase in the matter of hours (usually it was due the night I was working on it.) I really was not focused on this project.

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