2 thoughts on “Every Day is Christmas – Logo and Branding

  1. Sheri, That’s just beautiful…whimsy and graceful elegance combined….so pretty!! I love it…. Great job! Now, will you have some of your ornaments in the store? I would love to visit the store….hoping for a day trip, but a lot going on right now. Will keep you posted. I think I have your phone number. If I don’t, I’ll let you know….and I’ll try to give a call soon. Have a fall yard sale Friday and Saturday….a good one. Wish I could’ve gotten it out before this late in season, but it’s OK…everything in its own time. May the Lord bless you. So glad you are sharing with me. Thanks my friend…Alethea

    • I already have one order through the store and people have been dropping in asking if my ornaments are there. I am working on that. There are some really neat ideas in my head, now to execute them.

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