Inktober 2021 – Day 9 Pressure

That delicate pressure applied while this flamingo was preening was too good to pass up.

The reference photo was taken from my visit to the Indianapolis Zoo last month

Playing a bit of catch up. I knew I would have these days so have salted some pre made pieces into the process. This one I went on to watercolor and it now hangs in my sunroom.

Inktober 2021 – Day 5 Raven

Ink wash on watercolor

Anyone following me knows that I follow The Daily James – James and his mate, Margaret, are certainly a positive example of love and devotion and of relationship goals. I draw them each Inktober.

This is their morning greeting after waking up. You can not question that birds are quite sentient beings after watching them. And I want to thank the folks whose house they chose to live near for sharing this special relationship with the world.

The world needs a little more beak clacking, don’t cha think?

Inktober 2019 Week 1

Inktober is in full swing and here I am forgetting to blog it! Feel free to look me up on Instagram, where I am quite active. Day 1 was “Ring” (the Nashville Warbler’s eye ring is quite distinct) and “Leaf”. So I hit all 3 lists on this one.

I had no plan going into this year. Come whatever comes. I am watching 3 different lists and am hit and miss with them. This was Mindless and Seedpod. I use to mindlessly whack these down. Now even the seedpod is prescious.




Day 3 was the Killdeer offering herself as Bait to predators to pull them away from her nest. Amazing birds. They nest across the street from me each summer, so I hear them daily.

Day 4 was some practice 60 second sketches.

This momma Robin was sitting near me on the trail. I was unwittingly standing directly under her nest build. I moved back and watched as she industriously went about her business.

It was a great start to Inktober.

A Hummingbird Bulb

A Hummingbird Bulb


I have broken out into a whole new phase of my ornament painting. Realistic nature!


Remember the Inktober drawing I did of a hummingbird? The photographer of the “model” for that image contacted me to commission an ornament. Something I had not contemplated before.

I had never painted a hummer in oils, and certainly not on a curved surface. I started it then panicked, “I can’t do this!”


However, I know my process pretty well by now and panic is part of it. So I broke state, went shopping, then came back and was in a much more steadied state to finish the first layer. I began to breathe again.


After a couple of days to let that dry to a tacky surface, I began shaping the next layers, pushing paint around and making tiny little touches. Finally, today I finished it and feel like I have had a tremendous breakthrough in my art. This will always have a special place in my heart. I plan to use this little Rufous Hummingbird to help me push through some watercolor practices in the next month. He is very inspiring.