Primary, Secondary, Tertiary…oh what fun

Color Theory started out with a bang… NOT!

The first 2 classes were all about taking our 3 primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and white and black, mixing them all and coming up with a very tedious color wheel and then a color panel. We did all this with our Liquitex acrylics. I despise mixing acrylics, so there you go! A dull few weeks as we kicked off the quarter and to add to that, we were not allowed to be creative with it.  It was just an exercise in color mixing.

However, it was easy on the brain, which was really nice!  I was so stressed with the overload of projects and doing an online class in 5 weeks, that for this alone I was grateful for the menial tasks in Color Theory.

Primary:  Red Yellow Blue

Secondary: Orange Green Violet (purple)

Tertiary: the colors in between each of those such as yellow-orange and red-orange.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel

For the panel, you pretty much mix up a big pile of the color on the left, then divide it into 4 piles.  Add white to one, black to another, and a grey you mixed to another.  Bada bing…

To add to the tediousness, you then have to cut out a 1 inch square of each color called a paint chip (like in a paint store) and paste it onto another page. 

Excuse the bad photography…it was a last minute snap before taking it to class. 

Primary color / add white (tint) / add black (tone) / add grey (shade)

Starting color / add white (tint) / add black (shade) / add grey (tone)

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