Extra, Extra…read all about it!

My next Illustrator project (#3) got a 100!  I really got into it and the class said mine looked the most like a real front page of a newspaper.  Finally! 

The loose premise for my newspaper was my favorite humor site… the home of those wonderful LOL cats!

They were my initial inspiration, but my own cats (and dogs) were the real inspiration.  Ideas just kept rolling.  A few stories came off the internet, tweaked by me, but some were my own invention.  It was fun and I plan on printing it off and sending it to my nieces and nephews.

Every tiny detail was attended to… including the “obituaries” reference being changed to “Rainbow Bridge” and the weather raining “mice and men.”  Did I say I had fun with this?  The sports references were fun to do also… the cats vs. the dogs who were making a comeback because of their new dental hygiene routine (based on the fun photo I had of Charlotte brushing Bailey’s teeth.)

The Cats Paw Press

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