Indiana Sheltie Rescue Brochure

When it comes to the Adobe products, I feel like my head is made of putty.  I am keeping my grades at an A by doing extra credit.

This was the second project and again, I got an 85%.  Not sure why… and yes, I asked the question several times “what would have made it better.”  No answer, I was just told “it could have been better.”  Since I hit all the technical pieces, that does not tell me anything… give me a reason and give me something to go on.

Subjective grading really frosts me because there is no way you can work towards that undefined goal.

Anyway, here is the brochure… (I gave it to the rescue group when I was done.)  The brochure features our dogs and one of the dogs we helped rescue.

Indiana Sheltie Rescue brochure

Indiana Sheltie Rescue brochure

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