Advertising Cup Noodles

Assignment 2 was to create an advertising campaign for Nissan’s Ramen Cup Noodles to college students. (An interesting note is that these were invented to feed the masses inexpensively after WWII.)

Using this brand, we explored a variety of tools for brainstorming and idea generating, sometimes in a team and sometimes alone. Then we each set up our own creative brief.

My one word for the product is “smart” – health commentaries not withstanding. Smart because it saves money, is quick and easy, can be eaten on the go, and the containers are recyclable.

We were then tasked with creating a tagline and carrying the big idea across the campaign with 3 different approaches.

The tagline I created was “Use your noodle” as a play off of the “smart” aspect.

  1. Print Ad is for a bus stop. I can see this one being changeable with all sorts of images of really stupid things that students do, but I was unable to find a high resolution image of something like students using skateboards incorrectly etc. so went with the head-bust image.
  2. Social Ad is for a Facebook contest calling for spontaneous photos of students NOT using their noodle.
  3. Guerrilla Advertising is trash cans around campus that look like the noodle containers.

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