The final project in Advertising class was to create a campaign for the Children’s Museum. I decided to utilize my drawing skills in a way I rarely do and create ads with a coloring book flavor to them.

I had the misplaced idea that it would be less computer work, forgetting that I would then need to scan them into Photoshop and manipulate them. So… it ended up being more work than if I had used photographs, but it was a better learning experience in the long run.

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Jelly Belly Ad Campaign

Advertising class project number 3: (you can see the photo shoot on a previous post)

Working on the premise that Jelly Belly gourmet beans are special (Ronald Reagan was never without them!), I wanted my campaign to be about creating or evoking memories and being a part of long term relationships.

I featured their Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream) flavors because of their nostalgic coloring.

Tagline: The Taste of Memories

Following are pages from my formal presentation of 5 different ads for the campaign:

1. Magazine Print Ad – 2 children building memories

2: Billboard – evoking a nostalgic memory and indicating that Jelly Belly Jelly Beans have longevity and are still fun as adults.

3: A quilt show sponsorship by Jelly Bellys. This would be their candy sales counter at the show and the quilt with candy on it would be inside the glass counter. It was challenging to show that.

(Note – this is a quilt I made and gave to a friend of mine a few years ago for her birthday. It seemed perfect for this and she allowed me to spill candy on it.)

4. Direct Marketing print piece advertising the quilt show.

#5. Another event sponsorship.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed the research!

Feel free to vote! I like feedback!

Jelly Belly Photo Shoot

Our 3rd project in Advertising was chocolate. And not just any chocolate… our favorite chocolate!

Anyone who knows me or is following my blog will know that I can not eat chocolate for health reasons *insert sad face here*.

Assignment: 25 points РBuy your favorite chocolate candy and spend some time with it. Really experience it, then bring it in to share.  Write a creative brief and begin developing a campaign surrounding this wonderful candy.

This posed a problem for me. I had been craving chocolate for weeks and knew for certain that I would not be able  to immerse myself in it for 3 weeks without tasting it! After some consultation with the teacher she agreed to allow me to use jelly beans (some are chocolate- so that should count, right?) Jelly beans are no threat, but I could give them to my nieces and nephews and live vicariously through their experience! (By the end, I was having a hard time resisting their temptation, though!)

Thus… the Great Jelly Belly Event was scheduled! One Sunday afternoon I turned the kids loose on a bowl of the Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Bellys while I held the camera. It was chaotic and quite entertaining. Maybe not the most scientific photo shoot, but very immersing.

Call it research, call it a photo shoot, call it “Aunt Sheri is the bestest Aunt ever”… I called it fun and then titled it “homework”!

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Advertising Cup Noodles

Assignment 2 was to create an advertising campaign for Nissan’s Ramen Cup Noodles to college students. (An interesting note is that these were invented to feed the masses inexpensively after WWII.)

Using this brand, we explored a variety of tools for brainstorming and idea generating, sometimes in a team and sometimes alone. Then we each set up our own creative brief.

My one word for the product is “smart” – health commentaries not withstanding. Smart because it saves money, is quick and easy, can be eaten on the go, and the containers are recyclable.

We were then tasked with creating a tagline and carrying the big idea across the campaign with 3 different approaches.

The tagline I created was “Use your noodle” as a play off of the “smart” aspect.

  1. Print Ad is for a bus stop. I can see this one being changeable with all sorts of images of really stupid things that students do, but I was unable to find a high resolution image of something like students using skateboards incorrectly etc. so went with the head-bust image.
  2. Social Ad is for a Facebook contest calling for spontaneous photos of students NOT using their noodle.
  3. Guerrilla Advertising is trash cans around campus that look like the noodle containers.

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Still on Island Time

I can’t let go of my vacation just yet… from wearing colorful island clothing to using my photos in my homework. Below is the first ad submitted for my Advertising class. We had to write a heading and a tag line.

Heading: Your time. Our place.

Tagline: Hospitality made personal.

And incidentally, this photo was taken at the Marriott on Key Largo.