Jelly Belly Photo Shoot

Our 3rd project in Advertising was chocolate. And not just any chocolate… our favorite chocolate!

Anyone who knows me or is following my blog will know that I can not eat chocolate for health reasons *insert sad face here*.

Assignment: 25 points – Buy your favorite chocolate candy and spend some time with it. Really experience it, then bring it in to share.  Write a creative brief and begin developing a campaign surrounding this wonderful candy.

This posed a problem for me. I had been craving chocolate for weeks and knew for certain that I would not be able  to immerse myself in it for 3 weeks without tasting it! After some consultation with the teacher she agreed to allow me to use jelly beans (some are chocolate- so that should count, right?) Jelly beans are no threat, but I could give them to my nieces and nephews and live vicariously through their experience! (By the end, I was having a hard time resisting their temptation, though!)

Thus… the Great Jelly Belly Event was scheduled! One Sunday afternoon I turned the kids loose on a bowl of the Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Bellys while I held the camera. It was chaotic and quite entertaining. Maybe not the most scientific photo shoot, but very immersing.

Call it research, call it a photo shoot, call it “Aunt Sheri is the bestest Aunt ever”… I called it fun and then titled it “homework”!

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3 thoughts on “Jelly Belly Photo Shoot

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  2. Thank you! I have 20 of them with 2 more on the way, so I will have years of enjoying photographing little ones. They are very used to me running around with a camera, so they are natural in front of it, which helps.

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