Jelly Belly Ad Campaign

Advertising class project number 3: (you can see the photo shoot on a previous post)

Working on the premise that Jelly Belly gourmet beans are special (Ronald Reagan was never without them!), I wanted my campaign to be about creating or evoking memories and being a part of long term relationships.

I featured their Cold Stone Creamery (ice cream) flavors because of their nostalgic coloring.

Tagline: The Taste of Memories

Following are pages from my formal presentation of 5 different ads for the campaign:

1. Magazine Print Ad – 2 children building memories

2: Billboard – evoking a nostalgic memory and indicating that Jelly Belly Jelly Beans have longevity and are still fun as adults.

3: A quilt show sponsorship by Jelly Bellys. This would be their candy sales counter at the show and the quilt with candy on it would be inside the glass counter. It was challenging to show that.

(Note – this is a quilt I made and gave to a friend of mine a few years ago for her birthday. It seemed perfect for this and she allowed me to spill candy on it.)

4. Direct Marketing print piece advertising the quilt show.

#5. Another event sponsorship.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed the research!

Feel free to vote! I like feedback!

5 thoughts on “Jelly Belly Ad Campaign

  1. Sheri..this is David Klein the man who used his last 800.00 to create the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean back in 1976….I am no longer associated with the company and as a matter of fact we are introducing our own line of jelly beans which will be called David’s Signature beyond gourmet jelly beans. When these are finished I would love to send you a sample. I am very impressed with the quality of your work. BE WELL David Klein

    • Thank you, David! I appreciate you comments and am honored that you liked the ads. I will be looking forward to seeing the new bean, especially if it goes beyond the Jelly Belly bean! There is something about jelly beans that are fun, even as adults, and are fun to share across the generations. Thanks for your comment! – Sheri

  2. Do you remember a JB commercial that aired in 2001 with the title “Show Your Flavor”?

    It had 2 versions of it. One 4 kids, the other 4 adults. They were all showing their favorite jelly belly flavors on the tip of their tongues.

    I miss those commercials. Please reply back. Thank U*

      • Well like I said, they came out in 2001. It was pretty silly I would say. It had an elvis impersonator.

        Im sure the company would’ve remembered that campaign*

        It’s called Show Your Flavor from 2001 or 02?

        Anyways please let me know if you find them. Thank U*

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