3D – 1950s

The 3D Design teacher asked us to make the next project a portfolio piece. When asked what we would use it for, he was unable to answer that question, “I am not the graphic designer, you are!” I was not motivated, needless to say.

  1. Find a piece of furniture you like and make a scale model.
  2. Match a font of that same period with the furniture, make a scale model of the first letter and use the font on a wall plaque.
  3. Write a report on how the design of both are connected to the influences of the era.
  4. Make a museum installation of it with appropriate window coverings, flooring, and wall paper.

Original Chair by Warren Platner / Font – Helvetica

My chair…

1950s elements

Flooring (linoleum)

1950's wall paper

I got docked on not completing the H (it needed to be cleaned up and painted.) I felt lucky to even get it into the scenario.

I was not pleased with the outcome, but I did get to practice how to use polymar clay, something that had been on my radar for a couple of years. I made the cushions removable too, which was a fun element.

Maybe it was not so bad for something that had no use except to be thrown away as soon as it was graded. I did salvage the netting – that came out of my air brush tool box. I often try to utilize other art skills that I have… or tools from them. Who knew that scrap of netting would save me a trip to the fabric store one day?

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