Art Direction Final

Art Direction was partially a team class and I enjoyed the teams I was put on, even if we were working at warp speed. As a team on the final project we chose to research and promote Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. The team also chose the tagline (which happened to be one I proposed, which was fun.) We then chose our 3 favorite group proposed headlines and general visuals. From there, we each interpreted the final pieces in our individual ways.

One challenge was to find high resolution stock photography and to create the ads in a way that the photography doesn’t scream “stock”.  We each used our own stock photography finds, although as a team we chose a general direction for each (extreme sport, old bicycle, and a business person.) I chose to crop mine and manipulate in Photoshop CS5 by removing the color. I also hand wrote a portion of each headline as if it were a note on the photo.

My thought for this group is that they could be located in a photography magazine.

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