Touring the Mormon Temple in Indiana


Carmel, Indiana is home to the newest Mormon Temple (#148). Many artisans were involved in all aspects of the creation and design of this sacred building, but the one I was most interested in was Jacob Dobson. Jacob hosted us on a tour of the temple this morning. What a pleasure and an honor!


Some of my long time readers will remember Jacob as the inspirational art teacher from my days at AI. He was my teacher in Life Drawing, Art History, and 2 Illustration courses (class 1 and class 2), which created a turning point in my art and my life. He holds a very special place in my heart because of that.


Jacob created the high relief panel above the baptistery depicting the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist; however, no photography is permitted inside the building, so we have no photos of that beautiful piece (except the one I snagged from the online virtual tour and one process photo on Jacob’s website.)


The beautiful stained glass was created by a company in Kokomo Indiana. A theme throughout depicted the flower of the state tree – the tulip poplar.


This is what an artist lives for, to do something that is personally meaningful and will be a blessing to others. I am simply thrilled for Jacob!


If you get a chance to tour before August 8, you will not want to miss it. (There is also an online virtual tour.)

A Friend’s View of the Artist’s Process


And why is that? Because, from her view this is what she (not an artist) sees when she is with me…


Another friend of mine (who is an artist) says that she embraces this process but keeps it inside. I embrace it too (because I am attempting to keep if from strangling me), it just happens to spill out. I am an out-processor. If you are around, you are bound to hear it.

How about you? Do you internalize or externalize that artist angst? I am all for sharing it.

Jacob Dobson – Sculptor

I admit, I chose to take my Art History class online in the second half of this quarter (starting 2/19) because I was sure it would be a boring course (totally forgetting that being in an art college would make a huge difference…duh!)  Unfortunately, the school would not allow my previous art credits to roll over, so this will be my second or third time through.  Let me correct that… it will now be my third or fourth time through.  No complaints though… repetition is needed with my brain!

However, I am a note taker for a student at the Art Institute (through the Work Study program).  This quarter I am taking notes in Jacob Dobson’s Art History class and am finding the note taking a mesmerizing task.  I get so caught up in his lectures, which are fascinating, that I have apologized to the student for the massive amounts of notes I am taking.   [Let me also mention that the online course and the ground courses are very different.  They are even studying different periods in time, so I am going to get a broad art history education this quarter!]

NOTE: Below is a photo of Jacob Dobson.  I snagged this off of a photo I found online at

His outlook on life is also amusing and, I admit, I am in agreement with it so far.  (He has a very dim view of our current pop culture and it’s effects upon youthful minds.  I really get into his diatribes on the subject, but often wonder what the youthful minds around me are thinking.)  Up to now they (and me too… I just don’t have to take the tests) are studying the 1300s-1500s.  We sort of side tripped on the whole Rome-during-Michelangelo’s-time, which was quite delightful, in part because he went to Italy last year and gave us first hand experiences with the art pieces.  He gets excited about what we are studying and brings a new perspective to things I have seen in books for years.

In addition to being trained in painting, he is also a scuptor. Being more of a 2D artist, I find that intriguing.   Last week he showed us the steps taken in creating this life sized statue of a child that was commissioned from him, and it gave me a new appreciation of bronze sculptures.

Check out his blog and the huge doorway called “Articles of Faith” that he is in the beginning stages of creating!  It is already creating a stir and 2 of the panels are in a traveling art exhibit.

Needless to say, in the 3 quarters I have been here at this school, I have been quite pleased with the overall level of instructors!  A totally different experience than IUPUI in that the training is relevant, current, and personal, in addition to having teachers who are “doing” as well as teaching.